Government & Military

We know that there are unique challenges that military personally and government employees face when needing to coordinate housing for assignments. A trustworthy source for accommodations is of the utmost importance when needing to work within the required rules and requirements around arranging temporary housing. No matter if you’re traveling for relocation, an internship, long details, temporary duty, training and development programs or even as a project team contractor, we’ve got you covered and will ensure you feel right at home.

Our experience serving the indispensable individuals that serve and protect our nation means that we know how to cater to your specific needs. That means that TDY, TAD, PCS and CRC assignments are all welcome, as are Government-issued credit cards. Rates fit most per diem and sliding scale needs. We also have a suite of VIP partner services to make sure your stay is as trouble-free as we can help make it.